How to Activate Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365?

The Microsoft Whiteboard is an app developed and designed by Microsoft Corporation. This app allows their users to naturally share their ideas on digital canvas of a Surface Hub. The canvas will always expand according to the creations of the users so that the users can never be run out of space. However, for using this, you only need to enable your Whiteboard through Admin Portal. Also, there is some newer version of whiteboard available which is eventually looking to replace with the existing Whiteboard app on the Surface Hub. After that, the latter will be found pinned directly on the Welcome Screen.

All Surface Hub customers can also choose to stay on the Current Whiteboard app or also install any new version alongside the existing app. By this post, we also try to provide you that how to easily activate the newer version along with the newer version of Microsoft Office Whiteboard for Windows 10.

If any users are planning to install or use the Microsoft Whiteboard app on their Windows 10 then, they will need to have an Office 365 or Microsoft account, because all the Whiteboard sessions are always stored in the cloud. So, it is necessary to have either an Office 365 account or a Microsoft account.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Whiteboard for Office 365

Microsoft Whiteboard always comes automatically enabled for some applicable Office 365 tenants. However, the users can easily download the app for their preferred platforms such as Windows 10 and iOS users and also sign in unless they have chosen to disable the preferred services.

To enable or disable Whiteboard, you just need to follow a few simple steps and to make these steps easier and less time-consuming, follow these steps in ascending order. The steps are discussed below:

  1. Navigate to Office 365 Admin Center, here Setup allows you to manage all the aspects of Office 365, including setup, configuration, etc.
  2. Now, move towards Settings option.
  3. Next, go to the Services & Add-ins option.
  4. Now, scroll down the page, and search for Whiteboard option.
  5. Then, click to Select that option.
  6. On the Whiteboard Panel, toggle Turn Whiteboard On or Off for your whole organization to ON.
  7. Lastly, click on Save option.

However, the Microsoft Whiteboard app has one limitation. As it can only be enabled through the Admin Portal, it simply means that you cannot use the app for Office 365 Personal and Home.

Apart from this, the app offers infinite canvas where the imagination has one room to grow and also need to share their ideas naturally. Usually, it is optimized for pen, touch, and keyboard inputs.

If I am correct, then this Whiteboard app first came to the Surface Pro devices and then was rolled out for only Windows 10 in preview December 2017. Now, it has just hit the general availability for both iOS and the Web Versions.

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