Computers, like all the other devices, need to be maintained from time to time to make sure that they work well. To this end, users need to clear irrelevant files, update their operating system, keep the device secure, and repair broken registry files. Now, all this up-keep is tedious, boring, and time-consuming. Therefore, many people fail to maintain their computers. And as a result, their computer starts freezing, lagging, crashing, and becomes slow to respond. With the help of Norton Utilities 16, you can get the optimum performance of your computer.

Norton Utilities 16 assists in managing, organizing, maintaining, and controlling PC resources. To boost the functionality of your computer, you must get Norton Utility 16 from NU16 is a tech tool that helps in improving the functioning and overall performance of desktop devices. It is an affordable and highly effective tool which will help your PC regain its original speed and functionality.

Uninstall older Norton or other conflicting applications

For Norton Utilities 16 to run on your computer smoothly, you need to remove all the conflicting programs. If any conflict-causing program is found on the computer, NU16 will not function. Therefore, uninstallation and removal of conflict-causing programs and other utility tools is a must.

  1. Press on the Start button located in the bottom left-most corner.
  2. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
  3. Press the Programs and Features option.
  4. Pick the conflict-causing application and select it.
  5. Press the Uninstall button.
  6. Press the Norton Complete Uninstall button.
  7. Press the Next option in the Subscription Waiting Period Warning window.
  8. Reboot the device.

Norton Utilities 16 Setup, Install & Activate

Norton Download How to Download and Install Norton Utilities 16

Hold your horse! Before you proceed to set up Norton Utilities 16 on your system, check if the requirements are being complied with. After ensuring this, follow the process to download and install NU16 on your computer:

  1. First, you need to be a registered Norton user.
  2. For that, you need an online Norton account.
  3. Go to and create a Norton account.
  4. After that, open a new tab and go to
  5. Select Norton Utilities 16 from your dashboard.
  6. Click on the Download button.
  7. In the Norton Utilities 16 Agreement window, press the Agree and Download button.
  8. Save the installer on your computer.
  9. Now, run the downloaded file.
  10. Press the Install Now button.
  11. In the UAC window, press Yes.
  12. Reboot the system when the installation is over.

Norton Installation How to Activate Norton Utilities 16

When you purchase NU16, you will get an order confirmation email or retail card. Now, in either of the two, there will be a string of characters. This code is known as the activation key. For validation of the authenticity of the program, this unique key needs to be entered during the setup process. Here's how:

  1. Launch the Norton Utilities 16 tool on the device.
  2. Choose the Help button which is located at the uppermost right-hand corner.
  3. Wait for the Help Center to appear.
  4. After that, navigate to the Account Information region.
  5. Press the Enter Product button.
  6. Now, you can copy in the 25 characters unique product activation key in the provided place.
  7. Press the Next button.
  8. Follow the prompts presented on the screen.
  9. Press the Next button.
  10. At last, press on Done.

Norton Support Toll-free Number

Norton Support Number

Customers are free to call at our customer support number which is absolutely toll-free in use and can connect you to a certified technician when you need. Key Activation gives a complete step-by-step guidance to all users about how to fix bugs, spywares along with all sort of unsafe & contaminated files/folders present in your PC or other peripheral device. Here you get reliable support from authorized techies by just calling at our helpline number or through online chat on our website. So why to wait! get instant customer support related to your product Setup, Installation, Activation, Repair, Re-installation and Virus Removal issues.